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  • Description of service
  • Our Instatus.in website is the best choice if you want to quickly save videos. Downloading the desired videos is quick and easy thanks to an easy UI. Simply copy the video URL, choose “Download,” and it’s done. Enjoy your favourite offline content whenever and wherever you choose.

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    1. Don’t download anything that isn’t legally yours
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  • Create an account with our Instatus.in website to have access to exclusive features and ease the management of your recordings. When you sign up, you’ll also get priority support and be the first to try out new features.

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  • Downloading anything that isn’t lawfully yours is prohibited. It is not permitted to utilise the downloaded material for business purposes. Keep yourself out of places where you shouldn't be. Don’t share or upload anything illegal. Avoid being rude or annoying to others. Do not try to get around our security processes. Don’t take any actions that go against the law or our policies.

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  • Termination of service
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